Limestone/gypsum flue gas desulfurization(WFGD)

Limestone/gypsum flue gas desulfurization is the most advanced and widely used technology in thermal power plant currently. It is simple, stable, and convenient in maintenance. The main principle is to use calcium-based slurry and flue gas counter flowingto remove SO2 in flue gas.This process has the advantages of low operating and maintenance costs, high desulfurization efficiency.


Technical feature:

The use of advanced and reliable spray technology can effectively reduce the pressure drop of scrubber, and prevent the phenomenon of clogging in the tower under abnormal conditions.A large number of application examples show that the scrubber had stable mass transfer and fully gas-liquid contact, which can guarantee efficient and stable operation of the system, and to achieve the best desulfurization performance.

According to the requirements of different coal and desulfurization efficiency, the company develop the single tower plus + multi-layer spray, double tower series multi-layer spray technologyon the basis of single-tower multi-layer spray desulfurization technologyto ensure the best desulfurization performance of boilers burning a variety of different sulfur and minimal energy consumption at the same time.

Choose the unique nozzle arrangement, so that the effective cross-section (flue gas distribution cross-section) of the entire tower was fully and rationally covered. This arrangement hasthe feature of well-distributed cross-section spray rates, large gas-liquid contact area, which can effectively improve the desulfurization efficiency.


The oxidation air system at the lower part of the absorption tower uses advanced aeration distribution lines and multiple side agitators, ensuring effect and quality of gypsum crystallization. Open air tube has a unique design, with self-cleaning function, which can effectively prevent the distribution of the plug. Using computer numerical simulation technologyto determine the location of the spray layer, nozzle, mist eliminator and flue gas inlet and outlet by optimizing the flow field and temperature field in the absorption tower. 

Using computer numerical simulation technology, by optimizing the flow field and temperature field in the absorption tower, it is reasonable to determine the location of the spray layer, nozzle, defogger and flue gas inlet and outlet.

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