Air Quality Control System(AQCS)

 At present, with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the implementation of the "ultra clean emission" policy of coal-fired power plants in many regions of China, and more stringent standards for air pollutant emissions from coal-fired power plants are presented: nitrogen oxides 50mg/m3, sulfur dioxide 35mg/m3, soot 5mg/m3, and zero discharge of wastewater.
       LantianQiushi carries out cooperation with foreign well-known environmental protection enterprises to develop high-performance flue gas dust removal system technology, and it is efficient and synergistic about removal of various pollutants, and then the emissions of major pollutants from coal-fired units reached the emission standard of natural gas generator.         

The typical high performance flue gas dust removal system is mainly composed of GGH, low temperature ESP and FGD.

The system is set in the air preheater, and the flue gas cooled to 90 degrees through MGGH (the recovered heat is used for feed water heating or exhaust reheat) goes into the low temperature ESP to make the removal of soot.

Compared with the conventional process, it has the following features:

1. The flue gas temperature is reduced and the performance of the precipitator is improved

2. Evaporation water evaporation, reduce water consumption

3. Outlet flue gas volume decreased, circulating pump and fan capacity decreased, flue size decreased

4. Heat recovery, improve power generation efficiency

5. To achieve a synergistic removal of S03 and mercury, S03 removal rate of more than 90%, mercury emission concentration of 10 g/Nm3.

Main Process Flow Diagram