Flue gas treatment

In the field of large-scale coal-fired boiler flue gas purification,LantianQiushiconducted cooperation at a higher level with International famous environmental protection enterprises. At the same time, the company established long-term Industry-University-Research cooperative mechanism with Institute for Thermal Power Engineering of Zhejiang University and other domestic first-class scientific research institutions. Based on technology introduction,digestion and absorption of technology, technology integration and re-innovation,LantianQiushiown intellectual property rights of mainstreamlarge-scale coal-fired boiler flue gas purification technology, such as limestone/gypsum flue gas desulfurization(WFGD), the circulating fluidizedbed flue gas desulphurization(CFB-FGD),selective catalytic reduction(SCR), selective non-catalytic reduction(SNCR), and high performance flue gas dust removal technology,etc

Wastewater treatment

Solid waste treatment